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Our mission

Reinvigorate - Not Reinvent.

The health and fitness field is full of companies that claim to be reinventing health care; our mission is simply to make it better.  We achieve this by quality face-time with your clinician, individualized care, regular research collaboration and providing an environment where employees are retained. We believe excellent patient care stems from happy employees, and happy employees exist with a thriving team culture.
Quality over quantity

At Origin we recognize that the healthcare industry, specifically outpatient physical therapy, has moved towards a quantity centered approach. This model leaves less personalized time with your provider and doing things that should be a home exercise program (HEP). This should not be the expectation – at Origin we’re here to change that.  

We want our patients to feel comfortable knowing they are going to see the same healthcare team consistently that are informed about their individual case. With the Origin Physical Therapy model, it allows our team to provide quality care, meaningful information, and the tools and resources for long term functional improvement.

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At Origin PT, our main focus is the health and wellness of both patients and team members alike. We believe excellent patient care stems from happy employees, and happy employees come from a thriving team culture.

Our goal is to have everyone that steps inside Origin PT to leave better than when they came; getting back to the root of health and happiness.

Our team has a deep-rooted passion for serving the local community, making it part of our mission statement to give back.

Anthony Tabor • Director of Operations

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